Soar Valley Riding Club Rules

Please see the rules below. Any questions please contact one of the committee or email

Soar Valley Riding Club Rules


1. The club shall be known as Soar Valley Riding Club.


2. The committee will consist of not less than 7 members, plus the Chairperson.


3. The judge’s decision is final. Rudeness towards judges will not be tolerated. Objections must be lodged within 30 minutes of the event; accompanied with £20.  The objection will be dealt with by the committee at their earliest convenience.  Should the objection be overruled the £20 will go to club funds.


4. The committee has the right to refuse membership.


5. Members must compete at a minimum of three shows to be eligible for points towards the End of Season Trophies. To be eligible for Overall Club Champion you must have competed in three disciplines.


6. The club will not tolerate bad language, cruelty to animals, mischievous conduct etc.  Any party concerned will be told to leave.


7. All competitors ride at their own risk.  The committee and club accept no responsibility for damage or injury to horses, vehicles and personal property.


8. The committee STRONGLY recommends that all members and competitors hold valid 3rd party insurance.


9. Horses/Ponies MUST NOT be left unaccompanied tethered to a trailer/box.


10. Members ages will be as of 1st January. 


11. Any member giving a false age or trying to deceive an age group will be dealt with by the committee.


12. Horse/Pony age will be as of the 1st January in the current year. Please ask if you are unsure. NO Horse/Pony under the age of 4 years to be ridden on the showground.


13. All mounted riders must wear fastened hard hats conforming to PAS 015:1998; EN1384:1996 and VG1 01.040 (2014-12) and carry the British Kite Mark together with correct footwear whilst on the field.


14. Cantering or Galloping will only be allowed in the designated warm-up rings. It is NOT permitted outside the rings.


15. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.


16. The committee reserves the right to cancel, amend or withdraw an event at any time.


17. Members must produce a valid membership card to enter each class, otherwise the member will be charged at the non-members rate.


18. ALL riders or competitors must have their shoulders covered at all times when on the showground.


19. Lead Rein riders aged 9 years & Under must be mounted on a suitable height pony - Committee authorised.


20. Stallions and colts are welcome on the showground. They must be bitted from 2 years and handled by competitors 14 years and over. Riders must be 14 years and over except for small breeds where they can be 12 years and over.


21. Any competitor withdrawing or missing from a class WILL NOT be refunded their entrance fee other than in extreme circumstance i.e. illness of horse/pony or rider. A vouceher may be offered. 


Inhand & Ridden Showing Rules


1. No Outside interference.


2. Young handlers under 14 years. Competitors must wear a hard hat conforming to British standards. Competitors must be able to control the ponies.  (Help may be given)  All ponies must be 4 years or over.  No stallions or colts allowed.


3. All competitors 14 years and under must wear the appropriate hard hats whilst riding or handling horses/ponies in the ring.


4. Lead-Rein showing, ponies not to exceed 127cm (12.2hh) to gain qualification. All other lead-rein riders must be mounted on a suitable height pony - committee authorised.


5. Riding Club horse/pony shall be judged on the performance of the horse/pony, its manners, suitability, action and conformation. There will be one jump 2'0" max for ponies and 2'6" max for horses. Snaffle mouth only.


6. Spurs are NOT allowed in any ridden Mountain & Moorland or Junior classes. 


Working Hunter Rules


1. Boots and martinglaes will be permitted for the jumping phase only.


2. All boots must be removed for the showing element.


3. NO other change of tack will be allowed.


4. All mounted riders must wear fastened hard hats see club rules.


Jumping Rules


1. All mounted riders must wear fastened hard hats see club rules.


2. Correct footwear and jackets must be worn.


3. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry if a horse or pony is, in their opinion, unfit.


4. Whips and appropriate, correctly fitted spurs may be used.


5. Lead-rein competitors will only be eligible for Lead-rein jumping classes.


6. A stop and rein back after the bell will be given 4 faults.


7. All placings will be decided by timing as jumping is 2 phase.


8. If a horse or pony leaves the ring before the round is finished they will be eliminated.


9. Lead-Rein riders aged 9 years & under must be mounted on a suitable height pony - committee authorised.


N.B We will be following BSJA guidelines as set in the current BSJA rule book, however, novice riders will be given the opportunity to finish the course, even after elimination.




1 – No whips or spurs

2 – Snaffle bits preferred- (Curb bits allowed with correctly fitted curb chain and lip strap)

3 – No hitting or slapping of reins to make ponies go faster.

4 – Errors during a game must be corrected before crossing the line

5 – Lead rein children must have both feet in the stirrups whilst competing.


Rules for each game will be explained at the time and must be adhered to.


Non-Competitive Rules


Would competitors please note that if you enter a class non-competitive you will have to compete non-competitive for any other classes you enter in the same ring - i.e. if you enter non-competitive in an in-hand class any other in-hand classes you enter will be deemed as non-competitive. This will apply to all disciplines. If there are any queries, please see a committee member.



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 2024: Upcoming Events

First Club Show of the 2024 Season!!

Sunday 12th May

We cant wait to see you!

2024 Club Show dates:

Sunday 12th May

Sunday 9th June

Sunday 23rd June

Sunday 7th July

Sunday 15th September 

Please see the Schedules, Dates & Forms page for more info on any SVRC events.


Help is ALWAYS needed at the club.


If you would like to lend a hand either on a Work Day or at a show please contact a member of the Committee


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